Do Spayed Female Cats Still Have The Urge To Mate?

The spaying of female cats is a common practice in the United States and many other countries. The procedure involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus, and is typically performed when the cat is between four and six months old.

While spaying eliminates the cat’s ability to reproduce, it does not necessarily eliminate the cat’s desire to mate. In some cases, spayed female cats may still exhibit behaviors associated with mating, such as yowling, restlessness, and rolling around on the ground.

However, these behaviors are typically less intense than those of unspayed females, and they generally subside over time.

Do female cats still want to mate after spaying?

The answer may depend on the individual cat and its individual reproductive needs. Some female cats may still want to mate after being spayed, while others may not.

Some cats may still want to mate even if they are not pregnant, while others may not. Some cats may want to mate more frequently after being spayed, while others may not.

Some cats may want to mate with multiple males, while others may not. Ultimately, the answer to this question will vary from cat to cat.

Will a male cat try to mate with a spayed female?

It can depend on a number of factors, including the age of the cat, the personality of the individual cat, and the reproductive status of the spayed female. Generally speaking, however, it is reasonable to assume that a male cat would not attempt to mate with a spayed female unless she was in heat, as this would be considered an inappropriate and potentially threatening behavior.

Do spayed cats go into heat?

The answer to this question depends on the cat’s age, sex, and health. Generally speaking, spayed cats do not go into heat.

However, there are exceptions, and some spayed cats may go into heat if they have not been spayed long enough ago or if they are not healthy. If your cat is spayed or neutered, it is important to have her checked by a veterinarian regularly to make sure she is in good health and does not have any underlying medical conditions that could lead to heat.

Why does my spayed cat act like she’s in heat?

There are many reasons a spayed female cat might act like she is in heat. Perhaps she is experiencing a “heat wave” where her body is reacting to increased estrogen levels.

Or, she may have been spayed relatively recently and is still recovering from the surgery. In some cases, a cat may be actually in heat and seeking out sexual activity.

However, the most common reason a spayed female cat might act like she is in heat is because she is sexually aroused and seeking out sexual interaction with her owner.

Why are my fixed cats trying to mate?

There are a few reasons why a fixed cat might be trying to mate. One possibility is that the cat is feeling lonely or bored and is looking for a way to connect with others.

Another possibility is that the cat is feeling territorial and wants to mark its territory. Finally, some cats may be trying to conceive and may be trying to mate in order to create a new litter.

Why do female cats cry when mating?

Mating in cats is a time of intense excitement and arousal. The female cat cries out in order to attract the male and to signal her readiness to mate.

The male cat will approach and mate with the female.

Does spaying stop heat?

It largely depends on the individual dog and their particular breed. Some dogs will continue to produce heat even after being spayed, while others may not.

In general, however, spaying substantially reduces the incidence of heat-related problems in dogs, including urinary tract infections, pyometra, and mammary tumors.

Should I let my cat hump?

It depends on the individual cat and what activities they enjoy. Some cats may enjoy being petted or hugged, while others may enjoy being licked or even nuzzled.

Ultimately, it is up to the cat’s owners to decide whether or not they want to allow humping behavior.

Can a neutered cat still get erect?

The answer may vary depending on the individual cat’s genetic makeup and health. However, generally speaking, neutered cats do not typically experience erectile dysfunction (ED) as a result of their surgery.

Certain health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes, can, however, lead to ED in cats, so it is always important to have your cat checked by a veterinarian should any concerning symptoms arise.

Why does one cat bite the other on the neck?

There can be a number of reasons why a cat may bite its companion on the neck. One possibility is that the cat is trying to initiate a play fight.

If the biting is severe or continues, it may be indicative of a serious problem, such as aggression or fear. If the cat is biting the neck of its companion out of anger or aggression, it is important to seek veterinary attention to rule out any underlying medical issues.


Spaying a female cat does not remove the urge to mate. However, it does prevent them from going into heat and producing kittens.