Why Do Cats Like Boxes and Paper Bags? [Explained]

There are many theories as to why cats enjoy spending time in small spaces such as boxes and paper bags.

One theory is that it makes them feel safe and secure. Another theory is that the confined space makes them feel like they are in control.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that cats enjoy spending time in these small spaces.

Here’s why cats love boxes and paper bags:


There’s something about a box or paper bag that just screams “comfort” to a cat. Maybe it’s the way they can curl up inside and feel snug and safe, or how they can bat at the sides and make their own little fort.

Whatever the reason, cats love small spaces, and there’s nothing more comforting than a good box or paper bag.

Cozy space to curl up in

Cats like the feeling of being enclosed and protected on all sides. A box or paper bag provides a cozy space for a cat to curl up.

Cats just seem to enjoy the feeling of being snug and cozy. There’s something about being in a tight space that they find comforting and relaxing.

Batting around and playing with

Cats like to bat around objects. Boxes and paper bags provide them with something to swat at and chase. This is especially true for young cats who are full of energy.

Another reason is that these objects are new and different. They are not the same old toy that your cat has been playing with for weeks. Boxes and paper bags offer a new way to play and explore.

So, if you see your cat batting around a box or paper bag, don’t be alarmed. It’s just their way of having fun.

Hiding spots

Boxes and paper bags provide cats with the perfect opportunity to hide from guests who come over. Cats are naturally shy creatures , and they feel safest when they’re hidden away from potential threats.

Need some alone time

It gives them some much-needed alone time. In a world full of humans and other animals, it can be hard for a cat to find a quiet place to escape to. Boxes and paper bags provide the perfect hiding spot for them to relax in peace.

Reduce stress levels

It’s also instinctual for cats to want to hide away in small spaces when they’re feeling threatened or stressed. By spending time in a box or paper bag, they can reduce their anxiety and feel more relaxed.


Another theory is that cats enjoy the challenge of getting into small spaces. Boxes and paper bags provide them with a fun puzzle to solve – how to get inside without being stuck.

The smell of groceries food on bags

Cats enjoy being in close proximity to food on bags. This is because they associate the smell with being fed. So, when they see a bag with food in it, they’ll often try to get inside so they can get a closer sniff.


It seems that cats enjoy boxes and paper bags because they offer a sense of security and comfort. These simple objects can provide your feline friend with hours of entertainment and relaxation. So the next time you see your cat napping in a box or playing with a paper bag, know that they are just enjoying a little bit of what life has to offer.