Why Does My Ragdoll Have Curly Hair?

Ragdolls are a popular breed of cat known for their docile and affectionate nature. They are also known for their long, silky fur, which is often described as being similar to that of a rabbit.

However, some Ragdolls have curly hair, which can be a surprise to those who are not familiar with the breed. There are a few reasons why a Ragdoll might have curly hair, including genetics and diet.

At what age do Ragdoll cats get Fluffy?

Ragdoll cats typically reach their full adult size around one year of age. However, some may take up to two years to reach their full size.

At this point, the Ragdoll cat may begin to develop a fluffy coat. This is a result of the cat’s increasing muscle mass and the natural growth of the hair follicles.

What two breeds make a Ragdoll cat?

Ragdolls are a cross between a domestic cat and a tuxedo cat.

Why is my Ragdoll so knotty?

There could be a few reasons why your Ragdoll might be so knotty. It could be because of improper handling or care, improper diet, or a genetic predisposition.

Proper handling includes warming up the Ragdoll beforehand and not overworking it. Proper diet includes providing a balanced diet and plenty of fresh water.

A genetic predisposition might include having a high hairline or being cross-eyed. These issues can be corrected by taking care of them and providing a proper environment.

How do I know if my cat is a Ragdoll?

Ragdolls vary quite a bit in appearance depending on their individual genetics and environment. However, some key features that may indicate a cat is a Ragdoll include its large ears, its short tail, and its soft, fluffy coat.

Ragdolls typically have a gentle nature and are good at adapting to new environments.

How often should you bathe a Ragdoll cat?

Ragdoll cats are naturally low maintenance pets and do not require as much attention when it comes to grooming. Generally, a ragdoll cat will only require a bath every three to four weeks.

If your cat becomes excessively dirty, you may need to bathe him more frequently.

Why is my Ragdoll not white?

Ragdolls are a cross between a cat and a dog. The Ragdoll’s coat is a combination of long, loose hair on the body, with a short, dense undercoat.

The Ragdoll’s coat can be any color, but it is most often a light tan or cream color. Occasionally, a Ragdoll will have a dark brown or black coat.

There are a few reasons why a Ragdoll may not be white. The most common reason is that the Ragdoll’s coat is not pure white.

Sometimes, a Ragdoll’s white coat will be tinted with another color, such as black or brown. Occasionally, a Ragdoll’s white coat may be mixed with black hair, which can make the Ragdoll look black.

Another reason a Ragdoll’s coat may not be white is if the Ragdoll has a genetic disorder that causes white hair to be mixed in with other colors.

Do all Ragdolls have blue eyes?

It is unclear what criteria is used to determine if a Ragdoll has blue eyes. However, according to the Ragdoll Breed Standard Committee, “The eyes of a Ragdoll should be a deep cornflower blue.”

Additionally, many Ragdolls have blue eyes that appear to be a darker blue than other breeds of cats.

Are Ragdolls dumb?

Some ragdolls may be considered “dumb” if they are not trained to interact with humans, while others may be considered “smart” ragdolls because they are able to learn commands and respond to stimuli. Some people believe that all ragdolls are inherently dumb, while others believe that some ragdolls are simply more intelligent than others.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual who owns the ragdoll to decide whether or not they believe the animal is dumb.

Do Ragdolls need another cat?

Ragdolls are an indoor/outdoor cat that are known for their playful and affectionate personalities. While it is possible for a Ragdoll to live happily with another cat, it is important to remember that Ragdolls are high-energy cats who need plenty of exercise.

If your Ragdoll does not have access to a lot of playtime, it may become bored and destructive. Additionally, Ragdolls are prone to developing allergies and should not be living with other cats if they are prone to any health issues.

Do Ragdolls like to sleep with you?

Ragdolls are often considered to be loving and affectionate animals, but like any other animal, they may enjoy some alone time in their sleep. It’s important to respect their needs and not try to force them to sleep with you if they don’t want to.

Ragdolls are typically content to sleep on their own in a comfortable spot, but if they do want to sleep with you, it’s important to be gentle and allow them to get comfortable.

Why do Ragdolls growl?

Ragdolls growl because they are territorial and the sound scares away other animals.

Should you trim Ragdolls fur?

It depends on the individual Ragdolls fur length and density. Some Ragdolls may benefit from occasional trimming, while others may not need any trimming at all.

Trimming Ragdolls fur can help to keep it clean and organized, as well as ensure that it is relatively free from any tangles or knots. It can also help to keep the Ragdolls coat from becoming too greasy or oily.

If you decide to trim your Ragdolls fur, be sure to do so carefully and sparingly, as over-trimming can cause damage and may even lead to fur loss.


There are a few reasons why your Ragdoll may have curly hair. It could be due to the environment they live in, their diet, or even genetics.

If you’re concerned about your Ragdoll’s hair, we recommend talking to a vet or professional groomer to get their opinion.